Global Food Forums’ Hosts First Webinar for USB

Originally Published: August 19, 2020
Last Updated: February 4, 2021

Global Food Forums hosted its first webinar “Plant-Based Protein Debate: What Consumers Want” for USB and Qualisoy.

It was held August 17, 2020. The webinar was moderated by Peter Havens, Founder and Co-Owner, Global Food Forums. Two speakers, Debora Scott, MBA, Market Research Expert, Illuminate and Michelle Braun, Ph.D., Research Scientist, DuPont Nutrition & Health, DuPont, followed. The webinar provided information on the sustainability, nutrition and protein-quality and functionality of a variety of protein ingredients. It also reveal new consumer insights from an April 2020 United Soybean Board survey regarding the purchase drivers and marketing messages consumers respond to when choosing plant-based foods.

For more information on the webinar’s content and to view on demand, go to the Plant-Based Protein Debate: What Consumers Want.

For more information on webinar services offered by Global Food Forums, contact Peter Havens at or by phone: 1.630-621.9239

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