2023 Top Food Trends

Originally Published: July 28, 2022
Last Updated: August 11, 2022
2023 Top Food Trends

Global Food Forums’ 2022 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar,  (October 25-26) is the industry’s only in-person product development event solely dedicated to protein ingredients.  Click the link above for more conference details including speakers, technical presentations, location, cost and other relevant information.

Global Food Forums and its related websites (Clean LabelProtein Trends & Technologies and Sweetener Systems) again provide an annual list of “top food trends lists” with a 2023 Top Food Trends addition. Here we offer a look at various predictions for 2023 and beyond. Click on each headline below for more detailed information from the list source. MORE TO COME!

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Spoonshot® Food Brain Predicts Trends for 2023 & Beyond

  1. Urgen-sea – The need for seafood alternatives has become apparent—reasons include consumer perception of health; sustainability; opportunity for innovation; dramatic increase in seafood consumption due to flexitarian diet; and  plant-based seafood is small space compared to other plant-based categories.
  2. A Clean Plate – Calls for clean label claims in plant-based foods are becoming louder. Concerns over ultraprocessing and long lists of ingredients has resulted in ingredient supplier innovation of clean label, plant-based functional ingredient replacers for texture, flavor and appearance of label-unfriendly ingredients.
  3. Earthy Endeavor – Soil health emerges as an important part of sustainable food production. Brands have started investing in regenerative farming to improve soil fertility and in turn, crop nutrition and human health.
  4. The Spice is Right – Emerging  Flavors to watch out for. Chaat masala and global heat from a variety of novelty peppers will gain momentum in the coming years.
  5. Ms’d Opportunities – Expanding research into women’s health opens up opportunities for food & drink brands. Areas of focus include life stages from birth to adulthood to aging.
  6. The High Life – THC and psilocybin have potential as the next major “adult” functional foods, as consumers become more open toward these once-banned ingredients. Mental health issues have driven the need for wellness solutions. Many of these functional ingredients are considered adaptogenic or nootropic.