Michelle Tittl

Originally Published: February 26, 2023
Last Updated: February 26, 2023
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Michelle Tittl, Product Development Manager, ACAP, BS, CuliNEX


Michelle Tittl photoMichelle brings 13 years of product development experience from private label retail, CPG, and ingredient companies. Specializing in broad food categories including beverage, baking, cookies, bars, and foodservice operations, Michelle has led technical and culinary teams through rapid prototype development to meet key project objectives for clients.
• Target
• American Sugar Refining
• Starbucks

• B.S. Food Science, University of Wisconsin
• A.O.S. in Culinary Arts from the Culinary Institute of America

Global Food Forums Presentation by Speaker

2023 Clean Label Conference

Practical Insights to Formulating with Supply Challenges

Food formulation relies on a look at future ingredient and material availability. With supply shortages, crop disruptions, and demand imbalance, the pressure on food developers and a procurement team to find solutions is unending, especially with clean label formulation guardrails. Michelle Tittl, Product Development Manager at CuliNEX, will review practical challenges faced by clients and recommend strategies and solutions for ingredient reduction, replacement, and reformulation that she and her team use. Examples to be presented include implementing temporary solutions, alternative ingredient blends, cost reduction, process strategies, and reduction vs. replacement strategies.