Winston A. Boyd

October 26, 2015
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Winston A. Boyd, Ph.D., Principal Consultant and Owner, Earthwise Technology


Winston A. Boyd, Ph.D., is a food industry consultant with leadership experience and expertise in technical, operational, regulatory, food safety, M&A and business development matters.
He received his bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Maine at Farmington and his Masters and Ph.D. degrees in physical organic chemistry from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee.
Winston has experience with the isolation, purification, and application of natural products, including natural colors and flavors, in foods and personal care products.  He is an internationally recognized expert in food colorants derived from natural sources. He has authored a number of trade articles on food and ingredient technology, and he has presented at international symposia on food colorant technology.  His industry experience and business clients have included national and international food, beverage, and ingredient companies.

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2021 Clean Label Premium Webinar

Natural Colorants: The Opportunities and Challenges In Using Them Successfully

We understand that consumer preferences and expectations related to appearance are driven in part by color.  Color also provides an indication as to the taste, quality and even safety of the foods we eat.  It can create an emotional connection such as when color aligns with expectations of familial or seasonal food favorites.  This presentation presents a case analysis of three common but sometimes difficult to solve coloring use challenges. The audience will be offered suggestions on what should be considered and what could be done to address these issues.


Clean Label Trends and Food Colorant Realities

The use of food colorants derived from natural sources has greatly increased. The local and global regulatory environments, along with common sense food safety and manufacturing practices, place limitations on what can be used and where. The industry’s decades-long use and acceptance of synthetic colorants have created performance and price expectations that influence the ease with which these naturally derived coloring materials can be adopted.  The palette of materials available, how the cultural and regulatory landscapes have affected their adoption, and the advantages and complications that are obtained through the use of naturally derived food colorants will be discussed.