Steve Taormina 

January 5, 2019
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2019 Clean Label Conference

Pre-conference: Business Strategies

Presentation: Behind the Label: Clean Label “Musts” for the Ingredient Supply-Chain 

Speaker: Steve Taormina, Business Unit Manager, NSF International 

Steve Taormina is Business Unit Manager, NSF International. He is a 25-year veteran to the natural products industry. He has worked for Wild Oats, Whole Foods, and New Hope Network as the Standards Director for the Natural Products Expos. Steve joined NSF as a Business Development Manager in September 2015. Currently he is the Business Unit Manager for NSF International’s Consumer Values Verified division. He oversees NSF’s certification operations for companies seeking Non-GMO, Gluten Free, True Source Honey, Raised Without Antibiotics, and Plant-Based labeling claims. 

2019 Clean Label Conference  

Title: Behind the Label: Clean Label “Musts” for the Ingredient Supply-Chain 

Description: Transparency is a basic concept of the clean label phenomena. Consumers want to know what is in their food and where it came from. This presentation touches on unexpected research findings on consumer attitudes toward organic, non-GMO, and other food traits. Using one certification process as groundwork for what is important in ingredient supply-chain documentation, it will do a deep-dive into five key requirements when products make non-GMO, gluten free, plant-based or other “clean label” claims. Using these core concepts in supply-chain management helps ensure that attendees will know what is in their products, which is good for their company and its customers.