Stephanie Mattucci

September 14, 2021
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Stephanie Mattucci, CFS, Associate Director, Food Science, Mintel

Stephanie Mattucci

Stephanie Mattucci is an Associate Director of Food Science at Mintel. Mattucci’s role includes advising clients about innovations, ingredient and nutrition trends as it relates to consumer behavior. Her insights provide guidance to technical teams yet is approachable for those without a technical background. Stephanie also gives insightful and engaging presentations for clients at workshops, trade shows, and other events.

She has a bachelor’s degree in Food Science from University of Wisconsin-Madison and earned her Certified Food Scientist credential from the Institute of Food Technologists in 2016. Prior to joining Mintel in 2013, Mattucci worked as a Food Scientist for a global leader in customized food ingredients where she formulated seasoning blends for a variety of food applications.

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