Sonia Patel

December 4, 2017
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2018 Clean Label Conference


Presentation: Label-friendly Dairy Ingredients: Physio-chemical Properties and Uses in Foods & Beverages

Speaker: Sonia Patel, MSc, Dairy Food Scientist, Midwest Dairy Foods Research Center, Dept. of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Minnesota

Sonia Patel, MSc, Dairy Food Scientist, possesses in-depth experience in Research and Development, new product development, and project management with a primary focus is on dairy ingredients and products.

Her background includes applying existing or new novel ingredients such as proteins and bioactive compounds in both dairy and non-dairy products, understanding ingredient interactions, texture optimization, cost effective formulation solutions and shelf-life improvements including clean label solutions. Her work with customers on R&D projects covers concept to commercialization while collaborating to achieve desired outcomes. Patel’s technical leadership includes the application of functional dairy ingredients to launch of new or modified products for target consumers.

She currently drives Dairy Food Innovation & Application for the Midwest Dairy Foods Research center in association with DMI/NDC & US Dairy Export Council at SDSU & U of MN to support US dairy food manufacturers to increase value and volume of dairy.

Previous employment includes work with Fonterra Brands. Sonia has MSc in Microbiology – Environment biotechnology.  She is a member of the Dairy Foods Division, Institute of Food Technologists.

.2018 Clean Label Conference

Presentation Title: Label-friendly Dairy Ingredients: Physio-chemical Properties and Uses in Foods & Beverages

The Clean Label movement challenges every segment of the food industry to deliver new, consumer-friendly products without affecting taste, texture and functionality. Dairy ingredients—and milk proteins in particular—are highly functional. Protein type and concentration, pH, ionic environment and heat treatment affect their physio-chemical abilities. These functionalities can be tailored by physical, biochemical and enzymatic modification and some processing technologies. This presentation will focus mainly on milk proteins and its potential role in designing clean label products, but it will also touch on other dairy components such as permeates and their potential role in salt reduction and butter milk with its phospholipids for emulsification..