Scott Shander

September 15, 2015
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2016 Clean Label Conference

 Pre-conference: Business Strategies

Presentation: The Organic & Non-GMO Supply Chain: What Companies Need to Know to be Competitive

Speaker: Scott Shander, MSc, Economist, Mercaris

Scott Shander is an economist at Mercaris and is responsible for supply chain & market analysis and new information product development.  Scott comes to Mercaris with seven years of experience in the consumer packaged goods industry for the cocoa, sugar, and barley markets by providing technical insight in financial risk management for commodity and foreign exchange market risks to protect profit margins.

With specialties in market research, financial risk management, time series analysis, econometric forecasting, scenario analysis, experimental design, and fundamental valuation, he is interested in utilizing quantitative rigor to drive objective analytic-based decisions.

He is a certified Financial Risk Manager (GARP) and holds an M.Sc. in Applied Economics and a B.S. in Mathematics and Economics from Marquette University. Scott, originally from Milwaukee, now lives in Chicago but remains an avid Packer fan.

About Marcaris

Mercaris is a market data service & on-line trading platform for commodities & ingredients that are organic, non-GMO, or otherwise ‘identity-preserved’.  We make supply chain & risk management easier through accurate information about important emerging segments of the food sector.  And, we make procurement more efficient through our electronic market place.

2016 Clean Label Conference

The Organic & Non-GMO Supply Chain: What Companies Need to Know to be Competitive?

Interest in non-GMO and organic foods by consmers and marketers grows steadily. The OTA reports US sales of organic products reached $39.1B in 2014, a growth of 11.3% from 2013. As demand for these products increases, so does the strain on the supply chain. For companies who are creating products to meet this demand—or anyone researching this industry segment—key information on these emerging markets must be acquired with the purpose of supporting a company’s own growth strategies. Understanding the organic & non-GMO supply is critical. This presentation covers the unique characteristics, supply and demand factors that impact sourcing and sustainability.