Scott Dicker

February 20, 2017
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2017 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar

Pre-conference Program: Business Stratagies

Presentation: A New Look at the Changing Protein Category

Speaker: Scott Dicker, Nutritional Researcher, SPINS

Scott studied Nutritional Science and Chemistry at the University of Arizona.  At SPINS, Scott’s role as Nutrition Researcher helps drive the development of the Product Library that leads to the identification of new trends and opportunities supporting retailer and manufacturer business plans. As part of the Innovation team, Scott looks to the future of wellness and applies his past experiences and education to ensure the SPINS Product Library meets consumer transparency needs.


He is the founder of New World Nutrition; consults fitness competitors on weight cutting and supplementation and opened his own nutrition store in Chicago.  Scott is also the main nutrition contributor for USA Today’s Sports Nutrition and fitness website. He is passionate about supporting companies who have a positive impact on the world by helping increase the presence and accessibility of health & wellness products.  He knows the valuable role protein supplements can make in improving recovery and performance in sports and help everyone meet their daily protein requirements.


2017 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar: A New Look at the Changing Protein Category

SPINS identifies trends early through its proprietary retailer network, and the protein trend is one that it has been watching for several years. Join SPINS to hear more about the impact that the protein trend has had at retail including new categories in which protein-enhanced products have been appearing. Hear about the different sources of protein it has recently seen including the heightened interested in plant-based proteins and the types of claims that protein-focused manufacturers are emphasizing. The presentation will also spend time on the role protein has in sports-performance enhancing products. Come, learn and take away insights to help drive your protein product development and sales.