Rianne Ruijschop

February 21, 2014
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2014 Weight Management Technology Seminar

Presentation: Reduced Calorie Foods: Sensorial Shortcomings and Emerging Solutions

Speaker: ‎Rianne Ruijschop, Ph.D., Group Leader, Food Structure & Stability, NIZO food research

Rianne Ruijschop, Ph.D., manages multidisciplinary research projects with a focus on targeted nutrition at NIZO food research. A primary research emphasis of Rianne’s is the application of flavor-texture interactions in food to provide health-driven solutions for food industry customers. Sensory-induced satiation and reward/indulgence are important aspects of this challenge.

She is also actively involved in NIZO’s expertise group Food intake & Metabolism. From concept to claim NIZO applies state-of-the art science in satiation/satiety, weight management and food intake regulation into the development and production of real foods. To demonstrate the effect, in vitro screening, in vivo and human intervention studies are performed. She has contributed to more than 20 publications on food intake regulation related subjects.

Rianne attended Wageningen University and the University of Maastricht where she obtained a Ph.D. in the field of aroma-induced satiation where she was awarded with the Unilever Young Scientist Prize.

Title and Description of 2014 Weight Management Technologies Seminar Presentation:
Reduced Calorie Foods: Sensorial Shortcomings and Emerging Solutions

Through advances in food science, the quality of reduced calorie foods and beverages has greatly improved in the last few decades. However, few have sensory properties equal to their traditional, full-calorie counterparts. This presentation looks at research into flavor-texture interactions with a focus on ingredients and technologies that can provide optimal results. Attendees will learn how to measure, repair and reformulate foods for greater consumer acceptance and marketplace success.