Peter Jamieson

September 15, 2017
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Peter Jamieson, MSc, Principal and Food Scientist, Atlas Point Technical Services

Pete Jamieson HeadshotPete Jamieson, MSc, is Principal and Food Scientist at Atlas Point Technical Services, LLC. Pete is a multitalented food scientist whose areas of expertise include end-to-end product realization including researching new ingredients, development, production management, launch and delivery. Pete’s application experience includes food (confectionery, baking, frozen desserts, direct compression), oral care, and personal care from bench-scale to full-scale.

Pete also has extensive experience in project management, lab management and equipment procurement as well as recruiting, training and managing personnel.

Pete spent nearly 15 years as the Lead Food Scientist and Manager of the Sweeteners and Polyols Applications and Development Group at Ingredion prior to launching Atlas Point.

Pete’s extensive ingredient publications include Alternative Sweeteners, Fourth Edition, Chapter 20: Sorbitol and Mannitol.

Pete’s patents include Low Temperature Non-Crystallizing Liquid Xylitol Compositions and Co-Hydrogenation Processes for Making Same (patent number 6498248) and Co-Crystallized Polyols and Hydrogenated Maltodextrin (application number 20020011181).

Pete earned his B.S. in Food Science and his M.S. in Food and Resource Economics from the University of Delaware.

About Atlas Point Technical Services, LLC

Atlas Point helps you make food better. It has a highly skilled team of scientists and engineers who help food and ingredient-based companies develop new products and improve existing products and processes. With more than 175 years of combined food industry experience, they are able to provide quick, effective results that save time and money.

Phone: +1.302.897.8109

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