Mike Lee

February 3, 2016
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2016 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar

Pre-conference: Business Strategies

Special Session graphicFuture Signals: Identifying Behavioral, Marketplace, and Technology Trends

Speaker: ‎Mike Lee, Founder and CEO, Studio Industries

Mike Lee is the founder and CEO of Studio Industries, a Food Design & Innovation agency specializing in the application of design thinking to food products and experiences. Mike is also the founder of the Future Market, a conceptual grocery store that illustrates what the world, our food and our retail experiences could look like in the year 2065. The Future Market is a project that aims to enhance how the food world innovates today by thinking more ambitiously about tomorrow.

Mike’s experience in food design and innovation has covered a wide range over the past 10 years. Most recently, Mike led product development initiatives on the Innovation & New Ventures team at Chobani. At Chobani, Mike focused on building out the Greek Yogurt maker’s product platform into new categories. He drove the product design process from research, insights and ideation, to food, flavor and packaging development, and then finally to business planning and production.

Mike also led the development of the company’s innovation pipeline process, which impacted both the company’s product development methodology, as well as the culture of innovation across all employees.

Additionally, Mike founded the Studiofeast underground supperclub, a sister organization to Studio Industries.  Studiofeast creates unique dining experiences that use food as a medium to design experiences that range from the artful, to the educational, to the hedonistic. The Studiofeast project acts as a conceptual test lab for Studio Industries and provides a platform with unlimited creative freedom to explore new ideas in food. While Studiofeast and Studio Industries have seemingly different goals, they are both closely connected in the spirit of using food as a creative design tool.

Mike is a Detroit native and was trained in Business at the University of Michigan and Design at the Parsons School of Design. He now lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Title and Description of 2016 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar:

Future Signals: Identifying Behavioral, Marketplace, and Technology Trends

Guided frameworks will be used to help audience members improve their food innovation efforts today by thinking more aggressively about the future of food. The approach not only challenges food innovators to think far ahead, but also focuses on bringing back future scenarios to answer the question: “What do I do about this idea today?” Attendees will learn to forecast future customer needs; extrapolate today’s disruptive food trends; and establish a foundation for deeper strategic planning at their company. Business leaders will be helped to examine and extrapolate where the food industry could be in the next 10/20/50 years.

• Introduction: Future/Weak Signals
• The Value of Weak Signals
• What is a Weak Signal?
• Why are Weak Signals important to your Business?
• Benefits of Amplifying Weak Signals & How to Do So
– Signals Gathering
– Amplifying
– The Technology/Behavior/Marketplace Trifecta
• Conclusion