Massoud Kazemzadeh

January 17, 2017
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2017 Protein Trends & Technology Seminar

Presentation: Plant Protein Use in Gluten-free, Grain-based & Non-Grain based Foods

Speaker: Massoud Kazemzadeh, Ph.D., Co-founder and COO, Kay’s Naturals, Inc.

Massoud Kazemzadeh, Ph.D., is a co-founder and serves as the Chief Operating Officer for Kay’s Naturals, Inc., located in Minnesota. Kay’s Naturals is an industry pioneer in the manufacturing of high protein, gluten-free cereals and snacks.

He is a recognized expert in the field of food protein chemistry and product/process development and brings over 25 years’ experience in the food industry to Kay’s.  Previously, Massoud was an independent food development consultant and formulated many successful products for several Fortune 500 companies. He also served as the Technical Center Director for Buhler, Inc., a capital goods manufacturer specializing in food processing/manufacturing equipment.

Massoud holds a Ph.D. in food engineering from Texas A&M University and is the author of 22 patents, three pending patents and 45 publications including several book chapters.  During his time at Texas A&M, his main focus of study was the behavior of proteins during thermoplastic extrusion. He is also an expert in the area of high temperature, high-pressure short time extrusion and texturization of proteins and has a great interest in making light textured, high protein extrudate and baked products for the weight management market.

Dr. Kazemzadeh is also the founder and the co-owner of Kay’s Processing, a contract manufacturer of high protein gluten-free cereals, snacks & pretzels. The facility is certified gluten-free, kosher, and organic. It is also Global Food Safety Initiative certified under the BRC Standard with a grade of “A”.

Contact information:

100 First Avenue SE, Clara City, MN 56222
Correspondence:  P.O. Box 669  Clara City, MN 56222
Ph: 320-847-3220    Fax: 320-847-3110

2017 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar

Plant Protein Use in Gluten-free, Grain-based & Non-Grain based Foods 

Interest in high protein and gluten-free foods is predicted to continue growing worldwide. Health conditions such as obesity and diabetes are pandemic among the affluent in most countries. Many consumers look to high protein and gluten-free foods for assistance with these conditions. Such products have improved in quality over the years, however efforts are on-going to develop nutritious gluten-free baked goods and snacks as good as their traditional counterparts by also incorporating higher protein levels to reduce the prevalence of empty calorie foods. This presentation, by a practicing expert in the field, offers valuable advice on the formulation and processing of gluten-free products using plant-based proteins.