Mary Mulry

September 15, 2017
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Mary Mulry, Ph.D., Managing Director, FoodWise One, LLC

Mary Mulry HeadshotMary Mulry, Ph.D., is founder of FoodWise, One LLC, a technical product development consultancy with clients from startups to multi-national CPG firms.

With a desire to change the world of food to provide better choices for consumers, Mulry is backed by a broad range of industry experience that includes positions as Senior Director Research, Development and Standards at Wild Oats Markets; VP R&D at Celestial Seasonings; Section Manager Analytical Chemistry, Kraft Foods; and Group Leader, Product Development, Kellogg’s among others.

She has broad strategic experience in industry segments that cover conventional, specialty, natural and organic foods, functional foods and beverages, cannabis (hemp) and dietary supplements markets. That experience includes every aspect of the supply chain from ingredients to retail as well as all types of distribution—internet, natural, specialty, network marketing and direct—and every aspect of product development from brainstorming and ideation to the launch of unique new products.

Her work experience along with a strong educational foundation enables her to be a source of technical assistance in areas such as R&D and product development, quality assurance and product safety, nutrition strategy and industry education. She has a strong focus on ingredients and natural product standards, regulatory standards including product labeling. Mulry also has served as an expert witness providing testimony in these areas.

Mary has a Ph.D., Food Science, Human Nutrition, with a minor in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Florida; a MSc in Food Science from Michigan State University; and a BS in Food Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

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2017 Sweetener Systems Conference
“Functional Properties & Applications of Natural Sweeteners”

Consumers and food manufacturers have turned to an increasing array of natural ingredients that deliver sweetness and functionality. Examples include syrups such as from rice bran, tapioca, oats and yacon to more established options like agave. Some of these sweeteners, such as honey and maple syrup have garnered more interest due to the rise in specialty diets such as gluten-free and paleo-diets. However, while the attributes of various HFCS are well known, the general cost, availability, sensory and functional properties of these emerging nutritive sweeteners are often less so. This presentation delves into the technical characteristics of some of these new formulation tools to provide practical insights into their use. As just one example, the challenge behind matching Dextrose Equivalence (DE) for specific applications will be touched on.