Linda Gilbert

September 1, 2012
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Linda Gilbert, Founder/CEO, EcoFocus Worldwide LLC

Linda Gilbert PhotoLinda Gilbert is founder/ former president of HealthFocus International and founder/current CEO for EcoFocus Worldwide LLC. Linda has over 30 years’ experience as a market development and strategy consultant linking consumer attitudes and nutrition awareness with product benefits to successfully meet the toughest brand and growth challenges for multi-national B2B and B2C companies.

She has conducted extensive qualitative and quantitative studies for food and beverage manufacturers and their ingredient and packaging suppliers, both in the natural and mass markets. Linda has keen insight into what it takes to grow and accelerate business using shopper data and insights as the foundation for strategy and innovation. Her work contributed substantially to the successful introductions of Centrum Energy and Cardio, DanActive and Activia, Frito Lay Naturals, Gatorade, Kashi, Smart Start, SnackWells, Take Control, Tropicana Plus Calcium, V8 Splash, Viactiv, and more.

Additionally her degree is in food science from the University of Arizona. She spent 10 years at Rodale where she worked with its international agricultural research program on the commercialization of underutilized vegetable crops such as amaranth and quinoa.

She is a sought after speaker and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Advertising Age, American Demographics, The Futurist, Food Processing Magazine, and other venues. She is a regular expert contributor to Industry Intelligence and Packaging Strategies. The annual EcoFocus Trend Study surveys 4,000+ U.S. consumers, covering 30+ grocery retail chains.

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