Leslie Krasny

January 22, 2019
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2019 Clean Label Conference

Presentation: The Impact of Regulatory Requirements and Litigation Risk on the Marketing of Clean Label Products

Speaker: Leslie T. Krasny, Partner, Keller and Heckman LLP

Leslie Krasny specializes in food law, including food safety, labeling and advertising, claim eligibility and substantiation, ingredient evaluations, GRAS/food additive/color additive submissions, biotechnology, recalls, inspections, defense of class action lawsuits, and California’s Proposition 65.  She represents food companies throughout the supply chain: growers/shippers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, food service, and trade associations.  Krasny joined Keller and Heckman LLP in 2001, opening the firm’s San Francisco office. Prior to joining Keller and Heckman, she was Vice President and General Counsel of Dole Packaged Foods Company and also focused on food law in private practice.  She has been active at the Food and Drug Law Institute (as a Board member and a member of the Food and Dietary Supplements Committee), serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of Food Processing magazine, and is a frequent speaker and writer on food law topics.

2019 Clean Label Conference:

Title: The Impact of Regulatory Requirements and Litigation Risk on the Marketing of Clean Label Products

Presentation Description:

The marketing of clean label products to meet growing consumer interest may result in liability due to regulatory issues, demand letters or class action litigation under state consumer protection laws, and competitor complaints. Examples of challenged claims include “no artificial flavors” for products with flavor enhancers, “wholesome/nutritious” for products with added sugars, and “natural” for products with trace levels of pesticides. This presentation provides advice on how to manage risk by reviewing ingredients, processes, and claims in a timely manner in order to evaluate concerns and adopt recommended changes.