Kurt Seidensticker

March 15, 2018
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Kurt Seidensticker, CEO, Founder, Vital Proteins

Kurt Seidensticker Kurt Seidensticker is the CEO and Founder of collagen-based wellness company, Vital Proteins. A serial entrepreneur with more than two decades of experience, Kurt has successfully grown a number of companies within the e-commerce space – a journey that eventually led him to define a new space in the nutritional marketplace: powdered collagen.

Kurt’s passion for health and fitness – and his ambition to help others live their best lives – became the crux of the Vital Proteins brand, and ultimately, the company mission. When he’s not strategizing Vital Proteins’ next move for big picture growth, Kurt can be found running along the Chicago lakefront or in his kitchen whipping up his favorite green smoothie (complete with collagen, of course).


2018 Protein Trends & Technology Seminar — Pre-Conference Program: Protein Ingredient Strategies

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