Kristen Sparkman

September 14, 2021
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Kristen Sparkman, M.S., Culinologist, CuliNex, LLC

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Kristen Sparkman has a background in food science and is currently a product developer working at CuliNex. CuliNex is a product development consultancy that specializes is a food first culinology approach and emphasizes clean label development. CuliNex works on all food categories and has years of experience in formulating with whole food ingredients. Sparkman has an M.S. in Food Science.

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While developing products with whole fruit sweeteners can increase the health halo of a product and make an ingredient statement more consumer-friendly, there are some challenges. Common formulating challenges with whole fruit sweeteners include determining how non-sugar components of fruit can impact products and determining which format is favorable for the desired final products. In this presentation, we will be covering ways to use various forms of apples, berries, dates, raisins, and prunes, providing examples of ways to formulate with each. These examples come from previous research and development from the CuliNex Development team.