Kathiravan Krishnamurthy

February 18, 2015
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2015 Clean Label Conference


Presentation: Processing Technology and its Central Role in Clean Label Products (2 person panel). Speaker #2 on High Pressure Processing

Speaker: Kathiravan Krishnamurthy, Ph.D., Scientist-Engineer, Assistant Professor, Department: IFSH/IIT

The focus of Kathiravan Krishnamurthy’s Ph.D., research includes but is not limited to novel food processing technologies for sterilization, pasteurization, and/or value addition; mathematical modeling; high pressure processing; ultrasound applications; plasma processing; microwave heating; continuous and pulsed ultraviolet light processing; gamma irradiation; infrared heating; and engineering design, control and optimization.

Kathiravan currently teaches classes in Food Process Engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Current projects involve pulsed light as a decontamination tool for low moisture foods and selected applications of microwave and high pressure processing.

His participation in honor societies include: Alpha Epsilon: The honor society of Agriculture, food, and biological engineering, 2002-present; Gamma Sigma Delta: The honor society of Agriculture, 2002-present;  Phi Tau Sigma: The honorary society of food scientists, 2007-present; Sigma Xi: The scientific research society, 2004-present.

Kathiravan has a Ph.D. in Agricultural and Biological Engineering (Pennsylvania State University),  MS in Agricultural and Biological Engineering (Pennsylvania State University) and a  BE in Agricultural Engineering (Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, India)

Contact Information

Institution for Food Safety and Health
6502 South Archer Road
Bedford Park, IL-60616
Room 305 (Building 91)

Ph:      708-563-8272
Fax:     708-563-1873

Email:  kkrishn2@iit.edu


2015 Clean Label Conference Presentation:

Speaker #2: High Pressure Processing: Fundamentals, Challenges and Opportunities

Kathiravan Krishnamurthy Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Food Science and Nutrition, Illinois Institute of Technology

High pressure processing can effectively be used for decontaminating pathogens in foods without adversely affecting the sensory and nutritional characteristics. Furthermore, high pressure processing had been successfully used for inactivation of spores, thawing, removal of meat from seafood, and modification of texture. This presentation will provide an overview of the technology, selected applications, challenges and opportunities.