Kasey Farrell

February 18, 2019
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Kasey Farrell, MPH, Senior Manager, Product Intelligence R&D, SPINS


Kasey Farrell, MPH, is Senior Manager, Product Intelligence R&D at SPINS. The Product Intelligence team supports SPINS through the development of attribution that allows its customers to better understand marketplace dynamics. Kasey works closely with stakeholders and influencers to identify market opportunities while addressing client needs. She provides insights on nutrition trends and wellness solutions based on her background in food access and nutrition programming. With several years of experience in government and non-profit sectors and a strong personal interest in the industry, Kasey has a broad understanding of the natural consumer.

About SPINS:

SPINS is a wellness-focused data technology company and the leading provider of consumer insights, analytics, and activation solutions to Natural, Organic, and Specialty retail. We transform trillions of retailer transactions into performance, trend forecasting and customer activation solutions, helping our clients better understand what consumers are telling them through the language of their data, and drive change in the marketplace.

2023 Clean Label Conference

Title and description to be provided shortly.


2019 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar:
Pre-conference: Business Strategies

Title: The Age of Protein; Emerging Opportunity for Plant-Based Alternatives

Presentation Description:
As consumers seek alternative protein sources for nutritional and socially conscious reasons, companies must keep pace with new ingredients and production methods that compete with traditional animal protein. With SPINS’ unique purview into new ingredients and trends driving the growth of the alternative protein market, this session will identify emerging, innovative protein sources and introduce solutions for companies seeking to evolve their portfolio to meet evolving consumer demands.