Julia Thompson

January 13, 2022
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Julia Thompson, Culinologist III, CuliNex, LLC

Julia Thompson

Julia Thompson is a Culinologist III at CuliNex, a food product development consultancy that has pioneered innovation and development in the clean label and plant-based food category. She plays an integral role on the product development team with her broad experience from ideation to production, food safety programs and compliance, packaging redesign and functionality. At Culinex, she has a strong focus on plant-based meat analogs. Before joining the team, Julia worked with High Liner Foods, focusing on clean label and child nutrition products in the fish category. Prior to that, at The Arlon Group’s management training program, she rotated through three different small food companies: The Chia Co., Door to Door Organics and Idaho Pacific. Julia lives in Seattle. She graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a BS in Food Science and Technology. 

About Culinex

CuliNex is the industry’s premier consulting firm providing product development and strategic business services with a focus on clean label food products. As a pioneer in clean label product development, CuliNex assists companies of all sizes in achieving their growth goals through the development and implementation of product-driven strategies. Founded in 2005, CuliNex is a complete food development partner, offering an array of services to assist clients in innovation, from breakthrough concepts to commercialization. Our team has more than 100 years of combined experience working on a broad range of projects and partnering with clients of every size, from emerging brands to multibillion-dollar CPG companies. Its approach to each project is thoughtfully crafted, comprehensive and custom-designed for our clients. To learn more about the innovations and services provided by CuliNex for our growing list of food clients, visit www.CuliNex.biz.


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Practical Formulation with Plant-Based Technologies

With the double-digit growth of plant-based foods in the marketplace, product developers find themselves needing to source and master the newest technologies to develop plant-based food products. Join Julia Thompson, Culinologist III at CuliNex, a food product development consultancy firm, as she shares her practical application experience formulating with a broad selection of emerging plant-based ingredients. The seminar will explore the building blocks of plant-based meat analogs from protein, color, flavorings, and hydrocolloid ingredients, as well as the emerging process methods that deliver exceptional sensory characteristics to meet increasing consumer expectations for plant-based products.