John Csukor

January 28, 2015
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2015 Clean Label Conference


Presentation: Meaningful Clean Up: A Comprehensive View of a Developer’s Techniques & Options

Speaker: Speaker: Chef John Csukor, CEO, KOR Food Innovation

Chef Csukor has accumulated over 28 years of experience in product development, culinary training, marketing, and purchasing. Serving in senior positions with commercial chains, non-commercial management companies and marketing firms, John has held leadership positions with AMF Bowling Centers, Starbucks Coffee Company, The California Raisin Marketing Board, The Food Group, Compass Group USA, Motorola Hospitality Group, and The United States Marine Corps.

John received formal culinary education through the degree program at Johnson and Wales University, with all continuing education through the CIA St. Helena and Hyde Park campuses. John maintains a strong desire to balance art and science through long-term membership in the Research Chefs Association, as well as the American Culinary Federation.

Valued for his traveled insight, industry tenure and preemptive sense of food trend and direction, Chef John and KOR Food Innovation are regular contributing editors to several technical trade publications throughout the year. Some notable published works are Flavor & the Menu, Product Development Magazine, Culinology Magazine, The Food Network Magazine, and Food Product Design.

Ph: 804.496.6748

Presentation Description:
Label clean-up has begun and great progress has been made, but why all the effort?  Why are we cleaning up labels and what are consumers seeking in a “Cleaned up Label”?  It is not enough to select a new clean ingredient, rather the expectation by consumers and product developers is much more demanding in what that ingredient must deliver to perform. This presentation will explore the various ingredient options and techniques that can be meaningful “replacers with purpose” and “mimickers of flavor, color and texture,” all of which come packing performance as well.  This application-oriented session is based on the principle that deliciousness and quality-comes-first is the R&D goal.