Jin Ji

February 11, 2015
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 2015 Clean Label Conference

Presentation: Antioxidant Potential of Plant-based Food Ingredients and Whole Plant Foods

Speaker: Jin Ji, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer & Executive Vice President, Brunswick Laboratories, Inc.

Dr. Jin Ji is a creative technology business leader focusing on the identification and development of advanced technologies in food/nutrition/nutraceutical, biomedical, and nanotechnology industries. Having gone through all stages of a commercial product and service from an idea on a piece of napkin, to raising venture funding, through R&D to service and products, Jin brings with her expertise in technology development, business operation, and market identification in the high tech industry in the United States.

At Brunswick Labs, Jin leads operation, marketing, and technology development. She combines her biomedical research experiences with in-depth food/nutrition investigation knowledge of Brunswick Labs to further the investigation at Brunswick Labs onto a more sophisticated, clinical and pre-clinical studies backed stage.

Prior to Brunswick Labs, Jin was a Co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Lightwave Power, Inc., a venture-backed US private nanotechnology company. Earlier in her career, she served as a Research Faculty at Harvard Medical School. Jin has 15+ years of experience in technology commercialization effort for a number of leading international institutes including Smith Group PLC (London Stock Exchange: SMIN), Harvard Medical School, and Harvard Institute of Proteomics.

Born in Shanghai, China, Jin Ji holds PhD in BioAnalytical Chemistry from University of New Orleans and Masters in Management from Harvard University.  She has authored over 30 patents, publications and proposals in the field of nutraceutical, biomedical, nano-optics, and renewable energy. Jin has lived and worked in US, Singapore, Germany, and China, and is well versed in both western and eastern cultures, business environments and markets.

2015 Clean Label Conference Presentation:

Title: Antioxidant Potential of Plant-based Food Ingredients and Whole Plant Foods
The 2010 USDA database of food ORAC values was one of the first public references on the antioxidant value of foods. While it provided guidance as to what spices, seeds, berries and other whole food ingredients may be useful as natural antioxidants, analytical limitations and food industry misuse resulted in its withdrawal. However, the need for a point of reference on the antioxidant potential of food components remains. This presentation will give an overview of antioxidant assays presently in use, and of high-antioxidant whole foods and food ingredients. Practical factors influencing the antioxidant potency of foods and food ingredients during food growing, processing and storage will be considered. In addition, important factors influencing the selection, extraction and incorporation of plant-based food ingredients in functional foods will be addressed. Furthermore, as oxidative stress plays an important role in the development of many pathological conditions the presentation will also touch on a battery of in vitro assays that have been developed to evaluate the antioxidant activity of whole foods and food ingredients, with the ORAC assay proving to be the most useful due to its diagnostic relevance.