Jaime Reeves

August 11, 2022
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Jaime Reeves, Ph.D., Executive Vice President,
Product Development & Commercialization, Mattson


Jamie Reeves_HEADSHOTJaime Reeves is Executive Vice President, Product Development & Commercialization at Mattson. She is responsible for leading product development & commercialization across Mattson’s diverse R&D team and manages a broad range of client relationships.

Before joining Mattson, Jaime held various roles in the food industry focused on innovation, commercialization, cost savings and process development. She led several award-winning product development groups at Del Monte Foods, including Fruit (canned and produce), Broth (canned and aseptic), Tomato (canned), and Food Service, as well as led the thermal process team. Jaime began her career at Frito Lay/PepsiCo, where she developed innovations for Doritos, Cheetos and Frito Lay Branded dips and explored novel technologies for the snacking category.

Jaime earned a Ph.D. in food science from the University of California, Davis, an MSc in food science from the University of Georgia, and a Bachelor of Science in food science from California Polytechnic State University, SLO. Her research led to a number of technical publications and a patent. Jaime is also an active member of IFT.

Mattson is a Silicon Valley-based food and beverage insights, strategy, innovation, and development firm, helping clients identify product innovation opportunities, then helping make them happen with product design, product development, and scale-up and commercialization services.

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Strong consumer demand for protein rich-foods is creating new opportunities in the CPG landscape. Consumers are actively seeking out different proteins including plant based, cultivated, and conventional animal sources. The choice of which protein used in product design is critical, having unique functional and dietary benefits. Combined with other wellness ingredients, and presented in a foot-in-the-familiar product form, these exciting protein products keep consumers engaged. Mattson has had the opportunity to work with companies, both small and large, to bring new and innovative products to the protein space over the past 45 years. This talk will highlight three case studies detailing how we navigated challenges and built upon our knowledge and success during the development process for protein-based RTD beverages, soft serve ice cream, plant based burger and broth.