Fereidoon Shahidi

March 25, 2015
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Fereridoon Shahidi-HEAD SHOT

Fereidoon Shahidi, PhD, Department of Biochemistry, Memorial University of Newfoundland spoke on “Advances on Naturally-derived Antioxidants for Enhanced Shelf-life and Efficacy” at the 2017 Clean Label Conference

Fereidoon Shahidi, Ph.D., FACS, FAGFD-ACS, FAOCS, FCIC, FCIFST, FIAoFST, FIFT, FRSC, is a university research professor, the highest rank the university gives for research, in the Department of Biochemistry at the Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) in Canada.

He is cross-appointed to the Department of Biology, the Department of Ocean Sciences, and the Aquaculture Program. He is a chair professor at National Chung Hsing University in Taiwan, an honorary professor at the Chung Shan Medical University, also in Taiwan, a visiting professor at Jiangnan University, Shanghai Ocean University and Dalian Polytechnic University in P.R. China. He collaborates with many other universities in countries such as Brazil, France, Korea. Japan, Poland, Thailand, Turkey, the United States, and elsewhere around the globe.

Dr. Shahidi has made numerous outstanding and innovative quality contributions to both the basic and applied areas of food and nutraceutical science and technology and antioxidant phenolics and omega-3 oils in health and disease. He is the only Canadian on the ISI list of top 10 (3rd to 8th) most highly cited scientists in agricultural sciences, first recognized as the most highly cited (top 15) individual and the most productive scientist in the area of food, nutrition, and agricultural science for the 1991-2001 period and 3rd in citations for 2001-2011, and is now in 6th place. He has received numerous awards from different societies and organizations for his pioneering scientific achievements.

He will be the 2017 recipient of the prestigious Suplelco Award from the American Oil Chemists’ Society. Dr. Shahidi’s work has led to the publication of more than 760 research articles in the form of peer reviewed journals and book chapters. He is also the editor/author of some 64 books and holds 10 patents. These publications, along with his extensive list of presentations, have led to the advancement of the discipline of food science at both the national and international levels. Dr. Shahidi has trained more than 100 Ph.D. and M.Sc. students and research assistants/ associates, postdoctoral fellows, and visiting professors and scholars, and has educated the future generation of scientists. His former students, now his colleagues, occupy key positions as faculty members, government workers, and industry leaders in more than a dozen countries on five continents.

Fereidon has received numerous awards, including the 2005 Stephen Chang Award from the Institute of Food Technologists and the 2014 Babcock-Hart Award  for his outstanding contributions to science and technology.

2017 Clean Label Conference

Advances on Naturally-derived Antioxidants for Enhanced Shelf-life and Efficacy

The use of antioxidants for stabilization of foods and beverages has been in practice for shelf-life extension and quality preservation purposes. The drive toward products with consumer-friendly ingredients has created great interest in natural antioxidants, mainly from plant sources as well as certain processing by-products. In addition to structural characteristics of the ingredients themselves, the system in which the antioxidants are used and storage conditions of products are important factors that must be considered in different applications. How can one maximize antioxidant function, and what are the promising areas of researcher for such ingredients? These and other relevant questions will be considered from both the theoretical and practical angles and their implications discussed.