Eric Decker

September 14, 2017
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Eric A. Decker, Ph.D., Professor and Head,
Department of Food Science, University of Massachusetts, Amhurst


Eric Decker is currently a Professor and Head of the Department of Food Science at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Dr. Decker is actively conducting research to characterize mechanisms of lipid oxidation, antioxidant protection of foods and the health implications of bioactive lipids.

Dr. Decker has over 400 publications and he is listed as one of the Most Highly Cited Scientists in Agriculture. He has served on numerous committees for institutions such as FDA, Institute of Medicine, Institute of Food Technologist, USDA and the American Heart Association. He has received much recognition for his research including awards from the American Oil Chemist Society, the Agriculture and Food Chemistry Division of ACS, the International Life Science Institute, Royal Society of Chemistry and the Institute of Food Technologist.


2018 Clean Label Conference

Clean Label Solutions to Controlling Lipid Oxidation

Lipid oxidation is a complex problem often requires several approaches to control successfully. Reducing oxygen concentrati/div>ons can be effective only if substantial oxygen reduction is achieved. Several clean label options exist for free radical scavengers, but knowing where these antioxidants partition is paramount to efficacy. Numerous compounds can accomplish metal chelation, but the usefulness of these chelators can be limited by low pH. Reactive oxygen species can be controlled by limiting photosensitizers in food/ingredients and by the exclusion of light. For these clean label strategies to work, a working knowledge of the mechanisms of lipid oxidation in each food is needed. This presentation will provide insights into these issues with the goal of aiding the development of high quality, clean label products.