Emma Laing

August 3, 2022
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Emma Laing, MSc,  Program Facilitator,
Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre


Laing EmmaEmma Laing is the Program Facilitator at the Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre. Emma completed her B.S.A. in Food and Bioproduct Sciences, with an emphasis in food chemistry, and a minor in Nutrition, at the University of Saskatchewan.

She continued at the U of S to complete her M.Sc. in Food Science within the Protein Quality and Utilization Research Group, where her research thesis studied the effects of seed pre-treatments on the functional and nutritional properties of Canadian pulse crops.

Before joining the Food Centre, Emma worked as Project Manager for the food sales and innovation team at AGT Foods and Ingredients, where she worked daily with cross-functional teams to ideate, plan, manage, and successfully bring new product innovations incorporating pulse ingredients to market in the plant-protein/plant-based sector. Now, at the Food Centre, Emma can combine her technical and industry expertise to assist in managing client and collaborative industry projects and programs that work to create, connect, and commercialize agri-food technological innovations.



2022 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar

Plant-Based Proteins’ Functional Properties & Processing Technologies

Plant-based proteins are primarily produced from dry and wet milling fractionation and crushing technologies into cereal (wheat, barley, oats), pulse (pea, lentil, faba bean, lupin) and oilseed (soy, canola and flaxseed) proteins. Depending on their taste, flavor, and techno-functional properties, plant-based proteins can be utilized as beneficial ingredients to formulate baked goods, beverages (including dairy alternatives), and meat analog products. In this presentation, we will explore current knowledge of plant protein ingredients, their respective techno-functional properties, and how processing can influence essential properties such as sensory attributes, solubility, and nutritional properties. The presentation will take a glimpse into the future and review the promising new research in this area.