Elizabeth Arndt

February 26, 2014
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2014 Weight Management Technologies Seminar


Presentation: Formulating for Increased Satiety

Speaker: Elizabeth Arndt, Ph.D., Director R&D, ConAgra Foods, Inc.

Elizabeth Arndt, was invited to speak at the 2014 Weight Management Technologies Seminar as Director of R&D, ConAgra Foods, Inc. She is an inventor of record for some 17 patents including a number involving low glycemic index, high satiety index and whole grain ingredients/ products.

She has a Ph.D., Grain Science from Kansas State University and a Masters, Food Science and Technology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

2014 Weight Management Technologies Seminar

Formulating for Increased Satiety

It is generally accepted that certain food components increase satiety by increasing the length of time that the feeling of fullness persists after eating. Ingredients that are higher in protein and/or fiber can be useful for formulating foods with increased satiety.  For example, certain whole grain ingredients can be useful for increasing fiber content and reducing caloric density of foods.  It can be challenging to formulate foods with increased satiety as many factors, including the manufacturing feasibility, sensory properties and ingredient costs must be considered. This presentation provides technical tips and tactics in the use of satiety-enhancing ingredients in foods including baked goods and snacks.