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November 17, 2015
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2017 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar

Technology Program: Formulating with Proteins

Presentation: Disruptive Ingredient Technologies: Characterizing Plant Proteins to Predict Optimal Food Matrix Use

Speaker: ‎Denis Chéreau, Ph.D., General Manager, IMPROVE SAS

As Denis Chéreau holds a Ph.D. in microbiology obtained at INRA in Dijon in 1986, on the production of single-cell protein by solid state fermentation. He participated in the creation of the Lyven SA specialized in the production and marketing of enzymes obtained by solid state fermentation for fruit juices, bread-making and animal feed markets. He then worked in the starch industry as technical manager in France and the USA and became plant management for nine years in two Tereos Syral’s wheat and corn plants in Picardy and Alsace.

He is currently general manager of IMPROVE SAS first R&D center dedicated to the valorization of protein for the future.


IMPROVE is an R&D center able to support any project where protein concentrates and isolates will be produced using disruptive processes and where a full characterization is needed to predict the type of food matrix in which they can be applied. The research center started its operational activity end of 2013. It now employs 22 scientists and technicians. IMPROVE is contracting with companies working in the food, feed, cosmetic or agro-biobased chemistry all over the world.

Rue du fond Lagache – 80480 Dury – FRANCE
Tél. : + 33 (0)3 22 44 26 55
Email : jean-baptiste.tailliez@improve-innov.com

2017 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar:

Disruptive Ingredient Technologies: Characterizing Plant Proteins to Predict Optimal Food Matrix Use

Plant proteins have incredible potential for innovation. Advances in plant breading and processing, such protein extraction and purification, have created ingredients with new functional properties. Inventive developments in protein texturing are being used to produce plant-based milks and cheese or create meat- and tofu-like products. This presentation reviews protein processing technologies, broadly categorized as wet or dry, and highlights their emerging benefits and uses. It looks at characteristics—such as solubility, gelling, emulsifying and digestibility—of new plant proteins entering the marketplace and discusses how these characteristics can be used to predict their most appropriate applications. This information will help product developers communicate and specify what they need in a protein ingredient.