David Sprinkle

February 21, 2014
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2016 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar

Previous speaker at: 2014 Weight Management Technology Seminar

Presentation: Consumer Market Opportunities in Protein

Speaker: David Sprinkle, MBA, Research Director, Packaged Fact

David Sprinkle is the research director at Packaged Facts, which produces a leading line of syndicated research reports on U.S. consumer markets and trends, focusing on the food & beverage industry. 

The publisher of Packaged Facts’ Culinary Trend Tracking Series,  David has also contributed to journals such as Candy & Snack Today, Gourmet Retailer, Natural Products Insider, Nutraceuticals World, and Progressive Grocer, as well as  presented at industry conferences including the Organic Trade Association`s All Things Organic, Engredia, Fancy Food Show, Global Food Forums, Healthy Beverages Expo, Ingredient MarketPlace, Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), International Baking Industry Expo, National Coffee Association, National Confectioners Association, Nutracon, Private Label Manufacturers Association, SupplySide West,  and World Tea Expo.

David has an MBA from Tulane University in New Orleans, where he also taught business communications.

2016 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar Presentation:
Consumer Market Opportunities in Protein

This presentation charts the evolving views of the American consumer on protein, as evident in nutritional attitudes, food purchasing behavior, food and beverage product innovations at retail, and menu trends. Packaged Facts research data show that 70% of consumers prefer protein from animal sources, but over 30% are eating more meatless meals, and plant proteins are increasingly prominent in the marketplace. With the retail and foodservice arenas under pressure to adopt a more progressive role in relation to public health and environmental sustainability, this discussion hones in on the key meat and plant protein trends reshaping the food industry.

2014 Weight Management Technologies Seminar Presentation Description:
Making a Successful Connection:  Current Consumer Mindsets & Weight Management Products 

With ever-more-alarming statistics about adult and childhood obesity feeding the headlines almost daily, a diverse range of American consumers are increasingly focused on weight loss and weight maintenance within a broadening context of personal health and lifestyle issues.  This presentation features Packaged Facts’ latest research on consumer weight loss regimens and weight maintenance mindsets.  Topics include the roles that calorie counting, portion control, and satiety play; the most salient cohorts of weight loss/weight management consumers, and which combinations of foods and beverages, weight management programs, and diet aids appeal most specifically to them; and which marketing messages and new product offerings resonate for today’s consumers. Data sources include a Packaged Facts consumer survey commissioned for this Global Food Forums event; historical tracking from Simmons National Consumer Surveys from Experian Marketing Services; and mass-market channel sales tracking from IRI’s InfoScan Review.

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