David Lafond

December 15, 2021
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David Lafond, Ph.D., MBA, Owner, Lafond Food Technology LLC and a member of Global Food Forums’ Advisory Board

Catherine Adams Hutt

David Lafond, Ph.D., MBA, is Owner of Lafond Food Technology LLC. He previously spent 21 years with the Kellogg Company where he was responsible for finding technologies external to Kellogg’s technologies, and recommending which to bring into the organization to support the innovation pipeline for the company.  Dave was part of an internal team that encompasses nutrition and legal experts as well as scientists and engineers.

Technology Scouting and Open Innovation responsibilities consist of external development as well as licensing-in technologies, partnerships, and joint development ventures.  Previously, Dave managed product development in several business units within the Kellogg Company and enhanced growth through many new product launches. Concurrent to Kellogg’s he was on the board of Heartland Plant Innovations, Inc.

Prior to Dave’s career at Kellogg Company he spent 18 years in the product development/R&D area working for Kraft, Quaker Oats and Keebler companies. He has a BS in Biochemistry from Iowa State University, an MS in Food Science and Nutrition from the University of Illinois, an MBA from Lake Forest Graduate School, and a PhD in Food Science from Michigan State University.

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2018 Protein Trends & Technologies SeminarPre-conference: Business Program: Protein Ingredients Strategies

As concerns about health, environment, sustainability and animal protection increase, US consumers are looking to alternative sources of protein over more traditional animal-based choices. Ingredient companies are exploring new plant-based sources of protein however, these proteins may not be as economical and or provide the same nutritional value. New technologies in genetics are providing tools to address some of these concerns. Using these technologies, startup companies are entering the protein market. This presentation will provide an overview of new protein sources and the technologies used to produce them.

Emerging Research in Nutrition-Related Factors of Weight Management

“Calories In, Calories Out” has historically been the guiding principle for anyone wishing to maintain or lose weight. Nutritionally, the story is far more complex. Emerging research points to multifaceted factors in weight control. They include the source of the calories consumed; the role of hormones in regulating metabolic processes including appetite; the influence of metabolic pathways and even “external” factors such the gut microbiota. This presentation reviews the complexities of conducting clinical research to support weight management benefits associated with foods, beverages and ingredients.