David F. Busken

October 21, 2014
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2017 Sweetener Systems Conference

Previous speaker at the 2015 Clean Label Conference

Presentation: Reducing Sugar in Baked Goods: Practical Considerations & Possible Solutions

Speaker: David F. Busken, Principal, Bakery Development Ltd

David F. Busken, is Principal of Bakery Development Ltd, a technical consulting firm with a focus on baked goods and snack product development. He has more than 38 years of bakery development experience in retail, food service and industrial production and with numerous products from “scratch,” to mixes to frozen formats. Clients include startup firms, restaurant chains and Fortune 500 companies.

Past positions include over 19 years of work in cookie and bar product development and basic bakery ingredient research at Oak State Products; 10 years in R&D developing shortenings and food service mixes and technical sales at Bunge Foods; and, seven years developing bakery mixes at International Multifoods where he gained experience in ingredient functionality and interactions.

Busken comes from a line of bakers and began his career working at his family’s multiple unit retail bakery business.

He is a graduate of the American Institute of Baking and Dunwoody Industrial Institute.

Busken is a regular contributor to Baking and Snack magazine and the American Association of Cereal Chemists’ (AACCI) Cereal Foods World.  Topics include, but are by no means limited to “Baking Those Delicious ‘Good-for-You’ Products”; “The Art of Building Structures in Baking”; and “Quality of a Baked Good—What Makes It Good?” and Baking for the Diabetic, and The Many Roles of Sugars in Baking.

David has given many seminars on various topics related to the bakery industry. He is also the father of a type 1 diabetic child. He has special interest in the challenges of reduced sugar and carb baking.

Contact David at dfbusken@gmail.com.

2017 Sweetener Systems Conference

Title: Reducing Sugar in Baked Goods: Practical Considerations & Possible Solutions

Presentation Description: An estimated 9.4% of Americans (30.3 million people of all ages) had diabetes and 33.9% of adults had pre-diabetes in 2015 according to the CDC. There is a clear need for many to cut back on sugar and refined carbohydrates. This presentation, by a lifelong bakery expert who has worked on products through the “sugar free” to the “Atkins- carb free” eras, will provide interesting options to reduce the sugars and carbs in your baked goods. The challenges in doing so will be discussed. “Flavor and texture count.”

2015 Clean Label Conference Presentation

Title: Back to the Future in Baking: Giving Baked Goods Today’s Desired Properties with the Basic Ingredients

Presentation Description: Baked goods are complex food systems.Certain sensory and physical properties, such as texture, volume, shelflife and taste, are expected by consumers. When met, they signal a quality product. Formulating new products is challenging, as is, but these projects become even more difficult when ingredient choices are limited to “natural”-sounding options. This presentation provides insights into alternative functional ingredients–as it reviews ingredient choices and the product changes they often produce. Attendees will gain a better understanding of the tactics to develop better baked goods.