Cosmin Beliciu

December 29, 2020
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Cosmin Beliciu, Ph.D., Project Leader, Product and Process Development, The National Food Lab, Inc.

COSMIN BELICIU PhotoCosmin Beliciu, Ph.D., is a Food Scientist and Project Leader at The National Food Lab in Ithaca, NY. A product developer with over 10 years of experience in the food, beverage and nutrition industry, his primary area of expertise is protein functionality and dairy science. Beliciu worked on NPD projects with a wide range of clients, from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies, at all phases of the product development cycle for multiple food product categories. Beliciu has a Ph.D., in Food Science and Technology from Cornell University.

About The NFL: The NFL integrates consumer guidance, culinary ideation and protocepting, and product and process development to maximize speed to market and success once there.”

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“New Protein Ingredient Options: Functionality Driven Applications for Dairy and Plant Blends”

Many considerations go into selecting a protein ingredient for our applications such as functionality, sensory, commercialization, nutritional and regulatory. An ingredient’s production process affects its flavor, functionality and quality. For example, a diafiltered micellar casein isolate will taste and function differently than a milk protein isolate, and a plant protein’s functionality will be affected greatly by its extraction and drying procedures. As product developers, we can use a protein’s main functionalities (solubility, heat stability, texturizing ability, emulsification and foaming) as building blocks for new products. Through careful selection of ingredients, benchmarking new protein ingredients’ functionality versus traditional gold standards, then optimizing processes to overcome protein functionality shortcomings, craveable high protein products can be delivered.

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