Chris Lockwood

December 30, 2017
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Chris Lockwood, Ph.D., President, Lockwood, LLC

Chris Lockwood, Ph.D., is President of the innovations, research, and consulting firm, Lockwood LLC, and Adjunct Science Editor at, and Senior Consultant at Natural Products Experts. He has formulated 100s of top-selling products, is the patent inventor on 5 patents, authored more than 60 peer-reviewed manuscripts and presentations, has raised over $1.03MM in cash donations toward protein and dietary supplement research, is an author and editor of 1000s of consumer and trade articles, and is widely respected as one of the foremost experts in sports nutrition and fitness.

He has previously served as Senior Category Director of the Diet, Energy, Food and Beverage category of GNC, Editor-in-Chief of Muscle & Fitness and M&F Hers magazines, Senior Brand Manager of ABB, and as Chief Scientific Officer of 4Life Research.

Lockwood obtained a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology from the University of Oklahoma, a MSc in the field of Sports and Exercise from the University of West Florida and a BS in Administration and Management from the University of South Florida.

2018 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar – Technical Program: Formulating with Proteins

Formulating With Whey In A Fully Transparent Market

As consumer trends dismantle the use of proprietary blends and regulators take aim at protein claims, formulators and brands need to evolve in their use of protein if they’re to stay ahead of their competition. Learn why whey is and will remain the protein leader; when to use different WPCs, WPIs, or any number of degrees of hydrolysate and forms of WPH; when you should combine proteins; why you need to throw-out the thinking that proteins differ only because of their amino acid profiles and speed of absorption; and, what’s on the horizon for new discoveries in protein efficacy.