Charlie Baggs

April 4, 2014
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2013 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar

Chef Charlie BaggsPresentation: Pulses: From Global Staples to On-trend Products

Speaker: Chef Charlie Baggs, President & Executive Chef, Charlie Baggs, Inc.

Charlie Bagg’s love of food began in his early childhood years when his father first taught him how to make biscuits and gravy. It wasn’t until Purdue University, however, that he made a committment to his true calling when he switched majors from Engineering to Hotels, Tourism and Restaurant Management. From that point on, Charlie strove to bring his passion- love of food- to life in the culinary industry. Along with hard work, this love led him to many famous kitchens across the U.S. including Ambria, Spiaggia, Maggiano’s Little Italy, the Marriott Hotels and Walt Disney. He also spent several years as Director of Deli Operations at Savemore Foods.

While Chef Charlie Baggs stood onstage
presenting an overview of pulse ingredients,
his staff (Ryan McGarrity on left and Shane
Zimmerman on right) prepared three upscale
pulse-based foods for the audience.

 He is a Distinguished Speaker for The Institute of Food Technologists and has also spoken at the annual conferences of the National Restaurant Association and The Research Chefs Association. In 1991, Chef Charlie wrote the curriculum for “Culinary Arts for the Food Scientist” at Purdue University, one of the first culinary classes offered in a major undergraduate food science university. For the last seven years he has been an Adjunct Professor at Purdue where he continues to teach culinary arts within the Department of Food Science. Chef Charlie has an Associate of Sciences degree, Culinary Arts from the Culinary Institute of America, where he graduated with honors.

With over 24 years in the industry, Charlie’s client-base covers a broad range of sectors across the food world, and he continues to develop long last relationships with each of his clients. He has brought to life his dream and re-lives it each and every day as he mixes his passion for food with his clients’ products.

2013 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar Presentation Description:

Pulses: From Global Staples to On-Trend Products
From beans to lentils and chickpeas to dry peas, pulses have provided economical nutrients to mankind for millennia. Containing 20% to 25% of good digestible protein, pulses have new-found popularity as key components in gluten-free and vegetarian foods, ethnic cuisines and “effortlessly healthful” products like hummus. As a subset of legumes, their earth-friendly status also attracts LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) consumers. Chef Charlie Baggs and staff will provide innovative insights and thoughtful considerations in how to work with these ingredients in the creation of on-trend commercial products. Come experience the aromas and tastes of these new, yet ancient foods.